INDIBA® ACTIV joins the Spanish Mountain Skiing Team

INDIBA activ acompaña a la Selección Española de Esquí de Montaña

INDIBA® ACTIV joins the Spanish Mountain Skiing Team

INDIBA® ACTIV provides treatment to the athletes and technicians of the Spanish Mountain Skiing Team for more than six years. This therapy helps them to minimize their recovery times and prepares them to face their next goals.

In particular, the medical team of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME) has an INDIBA® ACTIV device. The Federation opted for this type of treatment “so that the team of physiotherapists that accompanies the team would have a resource of maximum performance that would contribute to improve their physical preparation and help them to minimize recovery times”.


The Spanish Mountain Ski Team is made up of elite athletes such as Kilian Jornet, Claudia Galicia, Oriol Cardona, Marc Pinsach, Mireia Miró, Marta García, Antonio Alcalde or Julia Casanovas. They have placed this National Team at the top of the competition and hold it among the first places in the individual and country podiums.

In particular, Kilian Jornet, noted for its extraordinary capabilities: climbed Everest (8,848m) twice  in six days, without the help of sherpas, fixed ropes or artificial oxygen in the 2017 season. Jornet has crossed, in addition , iconic mountains: Cross Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Denali, Elbrus, and Aconcagua.

Recovered from the shoulder operation he underwent last fall and he sought to minimize the frequent injuries he was carrying after a skiing accident, Jornet rejoined the mountain skiing at the beginning of last February.

INDIBA activ colabora con la FEDME

A fall in the final descent of the Pierra Menta competition shortened his season but, nevertheless, gave him time to become three-time European champion in the Vertical Race 2018, bronze in the individual race and silver in the combined classification of the European Championship of Ski Mountain.

At present, Kilian Jornet is still recovering from the injury that caused this fall (fracture of the fibula and dislocation of the ankle). A time apart from the competition that, according to Jornet recently explained in their social networks, also offers new possibilities: “This will be the year with more days off since I started training seriously 17 years ago. But injuries are also an opportunity to work other skills that I’m not used to”.


The active cell therapy of INDIBA® ACTIV is used by many elite clubs, both Spanish and international: Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Spanish Basketball Federation, Barcelona Football Club, 2 Running Club or Movistar Team, among others. One of the main missions of INDIBA® ACTIV is to minimize their recovery times and prepare them for their next goals. Do you know all the elite athletes who use INDIBA® ACTIV on a regular basis?

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