INDIBA® ACTIV collaborates with the Blanquerna physiotherapy service in the Oxfam Trailwalker charity race

INDIBA® ACTIV collaborates with the Blanquerna physiotherapy service in the Oxfam Trailwalker charity race

INDIBA® ACTIV regularly contributes to the practical training of students of the Blanquerna Physiotherapy Degree (Universitat Ramon Llull). As part of this collaboration, INDIBA® ACTIV recently joined the students and teachers who treated participants in the Trailwalker Oxfam, a solidarity march that seeks to raise donations to fight against poverty and hunger.

In this march, the health care is carried out by volunteer personnel and has mobile ambulance units, career doctor, chiropody service and physiotherapy in various controls. INDIBA® ACTIV helped, therefore, to alleviate the injuries inherent in the over-commitment of the participants, who cover a 100-kilometer route on foot over 32 uninterrupted hours.

In particular, INDIBA® ACTIV was present in two areas: at the Blanquerna stand located in the exit area of Trailwalker, in Olot (Girona), and next to the physiotherapy service team, at the control point in the city of Girona, 55 kilometers from the start line.

The students, who were volunteers of the Physiotherapy Degree were supervised during the whole service by a teacher and had an INDIBA® ACTIV device to treat the walkers.

As detailed from Blanquerna, in total, in the eighth and last edition, the physiotherapy service attended to “about 400 participants”, affected by “pain or overload of the triceps muscles sural and quadriceps.”


Salvi Delmuns, Professor of Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health of Blanquerna, explained the methodology of physiotherapy service treatments within Trailwalker for Blanquerna: “Students and teachers treat participants through stretching, massage or inhibitory pressure techniques . That is, they are very effective and fast because the time they spend on the treatment table goes against their team of four participants, who will still have to walk all night to go the other half of the race. ”

The next Trailwalker solidarity march was held on May 19 and 20; a circular route through the Montes de Vitoria and the Ullibarrri-Ganboa reservoir in Vitoria (Euskadi) where INDIBA® ACTIV was also present to support the participants.


INDIBA® ACTIV promotes the value of education and shows its permanent commitment to the promotion of university studies in the discipline of health. The dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of the discovery of new scientific advances are two key pillars for the development of the pioneering technology of INDIBA®.

For this reason, INDIBA® ACTIV also teaches on-site theoretical and practical courses. Some workshops in which physiotherapists are trained and trained to offer new treatments with this pioneering technology. The training team of INDIBA®ACTIV is composed of physiotherapists with experience in the treatment and monitoring of patients and athletes, both in the area of ​​therapy and at a high competitive level.

In the coming months, health professionals will be able to train not only in person, but also online and at their own pace. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about the new INDIBA e-learning platform!

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