“Treatment of chronic cystalgia and postmenopausal vaginal discomfort”

Testimony of Céline Dalla Lana, France

Clinical case

Since I have INDIBA in my cabinet, I regularly receive patients with discomfort related to the menopausal period.

Ms. C., 56 years old, had been in the menopause for 6 years, and came in for consultation because she had presented recurrent cystitis for several months. Initially Ms. C. was treated with Monuril several times (drug indicated in the treatment of cystitis). Subsequently she did complementary cytobacteriological urine tests (ECBU). Since the results of the tests did several times for several months were still negative, the doctor had concluded to a chronic noninfectious cystalgia probably due to the atrophy related to menopause. Ms. C. had also pain type vaginal burns almost permanent and hindering her sex life. 

The consultation

During the consultation, the clinical examination confirm the hypothesis of disorders related to hormonal deficiency. The patient described the situation as “exhausting, painful, exasperating or depressing”. The EVA scale ranged from 4/10 out of colds to 7/10 in crisis.

Treatment with Active Cell Therapy

We started the treatment with subthermia effect (cell biostimulation) for the first 2 sessions.  Then we moved on to soft heat (IAS 4-5) for the following sessions. We worked according to the abdominal, perineal or sacred surroundings in an alternative way. From the first sessions Ms. C. reports a very clear improvement of daily vaginal comfort and the disappearance of cystalgies. In 5 sessions the troubles have completely disappeared.

Then we gradually spaced the sessions for several months : every 2 weeks then 3 weeks … to ensure a satisfactory daily comfort. Ms. C. was able to return to a satisfying sex life and never again had any complaints since treatment started (18 months ago).

Ms. C currently comes for sessions every 6 weeks, because vaginal burns appear after 6 to 7 weeks if no active cell therapy INDIBA care is done. She is delighted with this treatment that has allowed her to regain her way of, no longer being permanently parasitized by this discomfort or pain.

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