Complete Postural Treatment (Back – Diaphragm)

Testimony of Marco Gaggiato, Italy



“I have been using INDIBA activ for 14 years and, thanks to my experience, I have created my own protocol for treating hyperkyphosis as well as all postural problems. This protocol combines my knowledge of osteopathy together with INDIBA activ treatments and has given me excellent results in terms both of effectiveness and timing.”


Clinical Case

Mr. A., 64 years old right handed workman, visited my clinic because of a back and cervical pain that started 8 months before and a pain ranged as 7/10 in the EVA scale.

The treatment lasted one month, with a 40 minutes session on a twice-weekly basis and I used the CT9 device.

Each session started with 15/20 minutes of capacitive treatment at IAS 4 and continuous modulation combined with corrective postural technique, followed by 15 minutes of resistive with IAS 6-7 and finally 5 minutes with capacitive at IAS 1 on the mediastinum with continuous modulation.



At the end of the sessions one month later, the patient has corrected his postural attitude and healed from his back and cervical pain, greatly improving his quality of life.






Before starting the 1st treatment (10/3/2017)      At the end of the treatments (10/4/2017)




Marco Gaggiato, INDIBA activ therapist and Director of  “Istituto Osteopatico FULCRO”

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